Color Clouds

a site-specific public art installation in Houston's East End. 2015.

Color Clouds is a site specific public art installation that celebrates the unique skyscape over Houston. Made of polychrome mesh, the installation is inspired by the changing colors of storm clouds in Houston during the summer. Color Clouds is part of my continuing development of immersive, colorful landscape spaces that reference local phenomena. I'm astonished by the deep blue that builds on the underside of thunderhead clouds as storms push over the city from the Gulf of Mexico. Late afternoon sunlight catches the upper wisps of these clouds and they reflect creamy pink and bright purple tones. As a public project, the installation serves as a gateway into the experience of cloudgazing in the city. A map of places in the East End was created for watching colorful clouds.  #HouClouds

Color Clouds is supported by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance and produced in partnership with the East End Foundation.